We can distinguish stone on the bases of their cut or there surface. If stone have cuts it’s called faceted, each cut known as Facet and in the other hand the stone haven’t any cut or have smooth surface it’s called Cabochons.


As we said if a stone has cuts it’s called Faceted. These refract light inside the gemstone and reflect light on the outside, maximizing the stone's brilliance and fire. There are so many cuts in stone which makes them different from each other. It can be Rose Cut, Step Cut, Radian Cut, Round Cut and so many. Here we will talk about rose cut, stop cut, round cut and radian cut gemstone.


  1. ROSE CUT- Rose cut, method of faceting gemstones so that the base of the stone is wide, flat, and unfaceted, whereas the top of the stone is domed and covered with triangular facets. These triangles reflect the light. Often in two rows, the facets are grouped so that the very highest part of the stone terminates in a point and these looks so beautiful.


  1. STEP CUT- Step cut, also Know as Trap Cut or Cushion Cut, method of faceting coloured gemstones in which the stone produced is rather flat with steps, or rows, of four-sided facets parallel to the girdle (the stone's widest part.) Stones forming a series of straight facets


  1. ROUND CUT- It is the most popular cut for gemstone. It is also known as Brilliant Cut. The facets are cut in a way to optimize the dispersion of light in a stone. It usually has a step-cut crown as well. This typically results in far greater brilliance than other methods. This cut was once exclusively for diamonds. This cut can come in almost any shape and vary widely in their facet arrangements.


  1. RADIAN CUT- When we here about the radian cut we got confused. We consider Radiant cut and Radian cut to be the same but there is difference between them. This will really help you. Radian cut usually present in Round Stone. These cut starts from center to the periphery of the stone like as Radius that’s why it is known as Radian Cut.


  1. HONEYCOMB CUT- I hope you understand about this cut according to this name. When you look this cut carefully it will seem like honeybee hives which will look adorable personally it is my favorite cut and I think everyone of its kind.





First of all, what is a cabochon? A cabochon is a gemstone that has been shaped and polished, it have not any cut on the surface which mean they are smooth from the surface. It is opposed to faceted. It also referred to as a cab. The resulting form is usually a convex (rounded) obverse with a flat reverse and domed shape They're typically used to make pendants and rings. These stones don't usually have holes.



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